About US


Shridi Sairam Musical Instruments store was started six years ago in Besant nagar(Chennai) which is having both Indian and Western Musical instruments and the musical store has become one of the best dealers and exporters of finest quality of Indian and western musical instruments.

Shridi Sairam Musical Instruments store is recognized as well known name in musical circles as of high quality musical instruments specially the Veena,Sitar,Mridangam Tambura, Tabla Sets,Tavil, Drums, Jazz, Drums Set, Harmoniums, Electic guitars, Piano. Sitars are available in antique miniature models that can be used for decorative purposes and also as unique gift articles.

Shridi Sairam Musical instruments store servicing of all types of muscial instruments almost in all the Musical Schools and Colleges in Chennai Location Shridi Sairam Musical Instruments store has come to be recognized as a reliable source for musical instruments and related items.

Shridi Sairam Musical Instruments has set up strong dealers net work in the International market by exporting the musical instruments to USA and other European Countries.